How Massage Therapy Connects Your Body And Mind

So often we talk about the mind and body connection, how one impacts the other. In truth, there is no such thing as a mind/body connection – they are the same thing. You are a whole, not just parts of you. Any thought or feeling or physical sensation you have will have an impact on the rest of you. It is impossible to separate.

Massage is not only for your physical health. The benefits also extend to your emotional and mental health.



According to the AMTA, various research has shown the benefits of using massage to help treat mental health conditions in different types of situations.

“Military Medicine published research that indicated significant reductions in ratings of anxiety, worry, depression and physical pain after military veterans received massage, as well as declining levels of tension and irritability.”

“Applied Nursing Research reported that massage therapy given during chemotherapy can significantly reduce anxiety and acute fatigue.”



Do Body Cells Carry Emotional Memory?

It’s reasonable to assume that the memory of the emotional experience is stored somewhere in the brain – the organ that is specialized in memory handling and remained inaccessible, as many other memories a human being experiencing during the life. But the shoulder cells hold the bookmark or a memory address of where the actual memories of the incident were stored in the brain.



Medical Benefits of Massage Therapy

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