Massage Places in Denver

…don’t come any more centrally located than our Cherry Creek Massage Therapy Clinic

3955 East Exposition, Suite 320 — Denver, CO 80209

The Cherry Creek massage office building lies north of Exposition Avenue between Cherry Creek Drive South and Belcaro Shopping Center, just west of the Russell Stover candy store in Denver, Colorado, making it one of the most convenient massage places in Denver for central Denver.

When evaluating massage places in Denver, you will want to make sure that the type of massages given match up to your needs. Somme massage places in Denver are just for relaxation, while others are more therapeutic. Our Denver massage therapists are trained for therapy, and can mix in that relaxing massage when that is what you are looking for. We look forward to helping you be healthier and happier!

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Our building is located behind (west of) the Russell Stover candy store on Colorado Boulevard, and does not have street frontage. You may enter our parking lot through the Russell Stover lot.

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Acupuncture Now Available! Schedule now and save $25!

Acupuncture Now Available! Schedule now and save $25!

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