Getting a massage from just about anyone is a welcomed gesture of kindness. A simple shoulder massage isn’t exactly rocket science, however, most people’s hands aren’t strong enough to really dig in and properly work out those kinks.

Your average massage therapy spa can get the job done, usually, and some of them are just plain mind-blowing. They can go beyond relaxation and into age-reversing, with skin facials, mud baths, waxing, laser hair removal, micro-dermabrasions, yoga, saunas, acupuncture, and the list goes on!

High-Tech Massage Therapy is In! – Massage Therapy Denver

Relaxing Massage Cherry Creek Are you one of those people that just can’t get enough out of your average massage session; the tension returning within the next day after? Deep-tissue massages not enough? Well, maybe you should start looking at the next level rehab centers that introduce man and machine massage therapy sessions.

Some facilities have oscillating tables that introduce vibrations that work kinks and pain out of your muscles the same way that a massage therapist would, only with much more control and a higher threshold of power, for those that need it. You control the dial on the tsunami of awesome vibrations, so the experience is so much more tailor-made for your needs and experience.

Another popular direction of massage therapy is the incorporation of traditional Chinese medicine with the study of Chi or Qi energy. One way to practice how this energy impacts your pain and tension is through a new practice that uses focused heat to repair skin, remove acne, and troublesome hair, without the use of a traditional laser! This is obviously a premium service, but I’m sure you will find it to be worth it, especially if you are not too fond of the side-effects of laser hair removal.

Traditional Therapies

Clinical Massage - Medical Massages in Denver If you are suffering with continuous pain that is only fixed through short-term relief options like massage therapy and prescriptions drugs, acupuncture is one of the oldest and most effective forms of alternative medicine. While visually intimidating, the practice is not about what you can see, but what you can feel.

The thin needles are strategically inserted in places where the Chi flows through the body. When these pathways get damaged or impeded, this is when you experience pain. Massage Therapy can sometimes free the pathways, but when more serious conditions or trauma affect them, acupuncture provides a more targeted and focused relief that can be of serious benefit to suffers of diseases such as: fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, osteoarthritis, chronic lower-back pain, chemotherapy-related pain and nausea, acute menstrual pain, and more.

Acupuncture therapy is often misunderstood in the West, as we don’t recognize “energy” as a science, therefor it is not prescribed by most doctors. The practice itself does have real success, which can only be explained by manipulation of nerves and surrounding tissues. Whatever your belief is, you can’t knock it until you try it! Most patients feel immediate relief, which can last for weeks, depending on the severity of the pain and the number of sessions required to treat it.

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