Mindful Meditation During Massage Lowers Anxiety

How to beat anxiety with massage and your mind

Mindfulness is a mental, physical and emotional state of being where one simply remains focused on the present moment. It’s a way to free yourself from outside thoughts, emotions and simply exist in the experience of “now”, providing your tired high-speed, thought processing, brain a glorious and restorative break that can last a surprising amount of time…



How to Attain Nirvana

The Four Noble Truths are the essence of Buddhism and provide a plan to deal with all of the suffering that humans face. These truths state that life is filled with different types of suffering; suffering has a cause and an end; and you reach Nirvana when you end this suffering.

The Noble Eightfold Path outlines the steps you must take to achieve Nirvana in your life. The Four Noble Truths describe the sickness in the human experience, and the Noble Eightfold Path is the prescription that provides healing. Understanding the truths and traveling the path will lead to peace and happiness in life…



Alan Watts ~ How to Attain Nirvana


The Secret About the “Secrets” in Acupuncture

According to Hippocrates, the practice of Medicine was already flourishing even before the invention of writing. I believe that although the ancients could not read and intellectually reflect on the plethora of medical manuscripts that we have today, they could still “learn by example”, “stick to the basics”, “live the Medicine”, “experience”, “breathe”, “keep it simple” and apply by feeling and intention. Even though the levels of sophistication and effectiveness of such ancient -and largely shamanic- practices are not comparable to our modern advances, some of these ideas still hold truth and essence, especially when it comes to “experiencing”, “keeping it simple” and also “sticking to the basics”…



Acupuncture Pain Killing Mystery Revealed

Researchers have discovered that acupuncture causes a special biochemical reaction that reduces inflammation and muscle pain. The study, published in Molecular Neurobiology, investigated the effects of needling one acupuncture point on the leg. The research team measured a remarkable effect.

Acupuncture point SP6, Sanyinjiao, is depicted in this image. Manual acupuncture stimulation downregulated M1 macrophages (pro-inflammatory cells) and upregulated M2 macrophages (anti-inflammatory cells). As a result, acupuncture reduced pain and swelling…


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