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Prevention and Performance

Whether you have sustained an injury on the job, strained a muscle working out, or simply fallen in your home, restoring your body to optimal performance is the goal of physical therapy. Colorado offers countless opportunities for you to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle. We use neuromuscular massage therapy to help ensure that you do not miss out on these opportunities due to injury.

Physical Therapy: The Center for Massage Therapy Way

The first step of your treatment process at the Denver Center for Massage Therapy will be to evaluate your injury. Before beginning, your therapist will ask you a variety of detailed questions in order to assess how the injury came about, and to determine its root cause. Once your injury has been identified and evaluated, we will work with you to lay out a treatment plan.

Treatments such as applied heat and/or ice, exercise, and massage are likely to make up the bulk of your plan for physical therapy. Athletes and residents have relied on us for more than 30 years to effectively, and compassionately evaluate their injuries and set out a course of action that will get them back on their feet.

Pysical Therapy

Modalities of Treatment

Your treatment plan will likely include a variety of modalities, both passive and active. Johns Hopkins University describes passive treatment as therapy wherein the treatment is essentially performed on the patient or the injured area, without the requirement for the patient to do anything. The most common passive modalities are heat and ice packs. These treatments are used to reduce muscle spasms and inflammation, and are commonly used to treat ailments such as back pain.

Active physical therapy (also known as manual therapy) is a course of treatment that includes full body massage, stretching, and exercise to maintain flexibility, rebuild strength, and restore tissue function.


An effective injury recovery plan may include some or all of the following treatments…

Manual Therapy – Manual therapy forms the backbone of an effective treatment plan, and may include sports massage, exercise, and more. Our highly trained Denver massage therapists are skilled at utilizing this hands-on approach to restore proper range of motion, mechanics, and overall comfort. Almost any injury, from lower back pain, to strained knees can be effectively treated using manual therapy.

Ice – Applied to reduce inflammation and swelling, cold therapy has been shown to significantly reduce swelling in soft tissue injuries. Ice should be applied immediately following an injury,and can also be applied during and after manual therapy to maintain joint mobility and comfort.

Heat – The application of heat following soft tissue injuries has been demonstrated to decrease pain, and improve mobility. Heat makes the tissue more pliable, allowing your therapist to more effectively stretch the affected muscles, tendons or ligaments.

Exercise – Perhaps the most important strategy for injury prevention and recovery is exercise. We will assist you in designing an exercise regimen that will strengthen targeted muscle groups, restore proper movement, and address muscular imbalances. If you have injured yourself, whether at work, at home, or on the playing field, the most important step on your road to recovery may be the resumption of regular exercise.


Sports Physical Therapy

Denver was recently recognized as one of the top 5 fittest cities in the US. That means that there are an awful lot of professional and weekend athletes, serious hikers, and other active residents in our city. With that much physical activity, there are bound to be a few injuries. Our practice is ideally suited to design and implement treatment plans for clients of any age and ability.

Whether you are an elite athlete with chronic joint pain from years of strenuous use, or have strained a muscle in your weekend kickball league, our Denver sports massage and physical therapy services will help maintain or restore prime performance, and prevent future injuries as well.

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