Can Acupuncture be Beneficial in Treating Drug Addiction?

Overcoming drug addiction is an incredibly difficult journey that can require a variety of different approaches and methods in order to be successful. However, an increasing number of studies are showing that acupuncture could potentially be an effective tool in treating drug addiction and aiding the detoxification process. In addition to mental health treatment, such as counseling and group therapy, acupuncture can help patients find relief from their cravings, and be more successful in sustaining a life of sobriety after substance abuse and addiction…



The Art of Self-Acceptance – Voyage Recovery

Some of our men are natural leaders, others make teamwork look easy; some guys are at home with a fishing rod, others dominate the basketball court; some guys find their rhythm with a musical instrument, others love the rush of addressing a crowd.

We all tend to gravitate toward things we know will come easy, but there are magical gains to be made from pushing ourselves beyond comfort. We spend a lot of time in, on or near the water throughout Florida’s wild backcountry. When the men of Voyage requested something a little different, we guided them towards an entirely new landscape…



My Experience Using Acupuncture To Treat Addiction

Even before I became a Licensed Acupuncturist and Reiki Master I believed in the powerful energy medicine of acupuncture and Reiki. I always knew I loved medicine and healing, ever since I started reading my father’s medical texts in his library at a young age (he’s a retired radiologist). During regular trips to the Philippines throughout my childhood, I became familiar with the existence, relevance, and interconnectedness of Western medicine and traditional or indigenous forms of healing…



Successfully Treating Addictions With Acupuncture

Acupuncture minimizes cravings and withdrawal symptoms of behavioral addictions like sex, exercise, work, and gambling, as well as substance addiction to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, sugar and nicotine. Thriveology’s Dr. Mark shares the amazing success he’s had treating various addictions with acupuncture…


Holistic Therapies: Using Acupuncture In Addiction Treatment

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese art and healing method that uses the manipulation of various points on the body to treat a variety of health concerns. Traditionally, acupuncture involves the insertion of long and thin needles into the skin at key points to help stimulate healing. Each needle is carefully sterilized to ensure that no infection occurs. However, other treatments, such as massage, heat therapy, cupping and topical herbal medicines are also used in acupuncture…

How Can It Help With Addiction?

Addiction creates a body-wide imbalance that affects the physical and mental health of anyone who suffers from it. Acupuncture seeks to restore some of this balance by managing a few of its symptoms…



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