10 Ways That Athletes Can Benefit From a Sports Massage

Though many people think of massage therapy as primarily a relaxation device, its uses are in reality much more diverse. Athletes in particular, can benefit from massage therapy and use the benefits to make them better and more versatile athletes…



Taking Control of Our Health

As a physician, I want to partner with my patients and teach them how to look out for themselves. I want my patients to ask what they can do to decrease their chances of developing obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, cancer, arthritis, and on and on…

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How to Get in the Zone – Mental Performance Coaching

Being in “the zone” is a universal phenomenon experienced by almost all elite athletes. So what is this “zone”? How can athletes find it? And how does it affect athletic performance?

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Why Athletes NEED Massage : Benefits Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage

Massage Therapy can improve performance for athletes and optimize their body for any task they face. It’s also great for enhancing your bodies general performance, from strenuous physical workouts to simple day to day activities, massage helps it all!

Center for Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

At our massage center, we have dedicated ourselves to provide those in need of massage in Denver, Colorado with impeccable service in a comfortable and professional massage environment. Come and see why our massage therapy clinic was voted one of the Top 10 places in Denver to receive a massage by Citysearch – Best of Denver… CALL 303-777-1151


14 Things to Know Before You Get a Sports Massage

The benefits of a sports massage are numerous: improved flexibility, reduced risk of injury, and a boosted circulatory system, just to name a few. But bodywork isn’t a one-size-fits all tool, and there are certain things to consider before booking an appointment. Here, three runner-trusted massage therapists impart important pre-massage knowledge. ..



Meditation in Motion

Meditation in Motion is a way of practicing being present by being in our body, wherever it is and whatever it is doing. When we are exactly where our body is, we are in the present moment. The body isn’t in the past or future, it’s not conceptual or imagined; it’s part of nature and contains all of nature’s elements. It houses our awareness, is shaped by our stories, thoughts, and emotions, and holds our memories within its tissues. The body is our house—and how we live in it and where we occupy it are uniquely ours, as well as being part of the common human experience. The body is a treasure trove and an exquisite vehicle for our practice of waking up and being with what is…


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